International Cooperation Projects

Nuoret Seprad – Noored Sõbrad

Partners: Leader SEPRA (Finland), Leader ESKO (Finland), MTÜ Virumaa Rannakalurite Ühing  (Estonia) and MTÜ Virumaa Koostöökogu (Estonia)

“Nuoret Seprad – Noored Sõbrad” is a transnational cooperation project inspired by centuries old international tradition Sõbralaat between Finland and Estonia – trading goods and trading friendship.

Now it is time to trade all of this and some more.

During next three years there will be few study-trips for local entrepreneurs and especially fishermen from both countries to exchange experiences, learn and network. There will be two fairs and several youth camps held which can all be brought together to one topic and will serve our LEADER strategy aim – developing entrepreneurial attitude and networking to widen the horizon of our youth. And entrepreneurs’.

Young fishermen and those who are interested in water sports activities will have an opportunity to fish, cook and sail as a true fisherman and coastal habitant – fishery, surviving and sailing camps are waiting us in summertime in Estonia and also in Finland during next 3 years.

Participating in study-trips and fairs will bring back the tradition of going to our neighbors to exchange goods and experiences.

Oh, and the additional benefit from the project is a fact, that we all will learn a foreign language. Let us see, how it goes, but first 10 words will be learnt before the first ferryboat takes us first time to meet our friends in 2017.

Cooperation agreement

Co-operation project „Nuoret Seprat – Noored Sõbrad“ acitivites going on full speed