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MTÜ Virumaa Koostöökogu (VIKO) is an NGO which is initiated by local governments and entrepreneurs and NGO-s registered on their territory (Aseri, Lüganuse, Maidla, Rägavere, Sonda municipality and Püssi town). VIKO’s aim is to encourage local initiative and to develop local living environment. VIKO also works towards composing integrated strategy and achieving strategy goals, keeping in mind the partnership of three economic sectors.

VIKO was founded on 1st of July 2006.

In October 2013 there was merger of three municipalities – Lüganuse and Maidla municipality and Püssi town. The new municipality was named Lüganuse. From 2015 Kohtla municipality also joined VIKO.

At the moment there is 5 municipalities joined VIKO – Sonda, Aseri, Lüganuse, Kohtla and Rägavere.

The aim of LEADER is to support local initiative based on MAK (Estonian rural area strategy plan 2014-2020) from EAFRD fund and from state budget. The basis of activities is local cooperation where different parties join their efforts for mapping needs of the area and using areas’ resources to establish set goals.